7 Potential alien empires that could shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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In the Marvel movies, there may be some really powerful groups of aliens introduced soon. Right now, everyone is focused on the idea of there being many parallel universes and a bad guy named Kang in the next Ant-Man movie. But stories about space and aliens are important in the overall Marvel movie world. After the Avengers have a big battle called Secret Wars, the next big enemy could come from somewhere far away in space. This might mean that they will bring in a character named Galactus and some other important characters like Silver Surfer. There could also be a new team of Guardians of the Galaxy or a group called the Ultimates working together to fight this new enemy.

Here are seven strong alien groups that might show up in future Marvel movies:

  1. Kree Empire: An advanced race of blue-skinned warriors with advanced technology and a history of conflict with the human-like Skrulls.
  2. Skrull Empire: Shape-shifting aliens who have been enemies of the Kree but have recently made peace with them. They have a significant presence on Earth.
  3. Shi’ar Empire: A vast interstellar empire that controls thousands of planets and is home to powerful warriors like the Imperial Guard.
  4. Annihilation Wave: A powerful and destructive force of energy beings led by Annihilus, a powerful villain who seeks to destroy all life in the universe.
  5. Brood Empire: Insectoid aliens who lay eggs in their hosts and control them, turning them into mindless drones. They are enemies of the X-Men.
  6. Chitauri Empire: A race of cybernetically enhanced creatures who serve the will of their masters. They were first seen invading Earth in The Avengers.
  7. Nova Corps: A galactic police force tasked with maintaining peace and order in the galaxy. They are based on the planet Xandar and possess powerful technology.
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