Barry Keoghan, the star of Eternals, teases a distinct sequel

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In the event that Marvel Studios decides to go with a 2021 film sequel, Barry Keoghan, who plays Druig in Eternals, recently disclosed that he would want to see his character use his mind-control abilities merely “for the sake of it.” The actor, who is now promoting Saltburn, his most recent film, recently had a conversation with GQ about his most recognisable roles, including Druig the Eternal. Considering the prospect of a Druig spinoff or an Eternals 2, Keoghan said he would “love to see a movie with just him playing about mind-controlling everyone.” “No, really, motive—just mind-controlling for the sake of it,” he said. The first step in making a superhero movie is to humanise. Try to bring out the human aspect of them instead of playing the superhero.” This proposal appears to hint to Druig’s possible move towards villainy, utilising his mind-control abilities for his personal entertainment rather than for the benefit of society. Chloé Zhao, the recipient of an Academy Award, directed the film Eternals, which followed the titular immortal aliens as they come out of hiding after a millennium to defend Earth from its archaic counterparts, the Deviants. Even though there was a lot of anticipation for Eternals before it was released, the movie ended up getting mixed reviews from critics and viewers and doing poorly at the box office, making just $402 million worldwide. Currently holding the top spot among Marvel Cinematic Universe films with the lowest box office earnings is Eternals, which has made more money than Black Widow ($379M), Captain America: The First Avenger ($370M), The Incredible Hulk ($264M), and The Marvels ($205M).

A sequel to Eternals is apparently being developed by Marvel Studios, despite the film’s poor box office performance. Don Lee, who portrayed Gilgamesh in the 2021 movie, released a statement in December 2022 showcasing his next projects, which included Eternals 2. A sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as Eternals, were purportedly added to Marvel Studios’ internal production calendar in February 2023, but the project has not yet been formally acknowledged by the company. The Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley has disclosed that the mysterious Marvel series he was working on for ABC in 2015 was really an adaptation of the Eternals comics, even though the Eternals didn’t make their MCU debut until their 2021 feature. Ridley said that he thought his rendition of the characters was the “good version,” subtly suggesting that he thought the Eternals movie was inferior to his cancelled take on the characters even though he didn’t divulge much about it.

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