Classic costumes return in X-Men: 97 clip

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In a clip from this week’s “Tolerance is Extinction – Part 2” episode of X-Men ’97, the Children of the Atom go retro. In the aforementioned footage, Professor X also makes a reappearance and participates in the walk down memory lane. The first four characters in the video are shown wearing the iconic outfits for Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Professor X, and Rogue. Professor X is heard telling President Robert Kelly, “Civilization as we know it ends in less than an hour,” during this. My X-Men and I are your greatest chance, just as in the past, to avert that future.”

Professor X remarks, “We have been here before, President Kelly,” in response to President Kelly’s warning that his hand will be forced if he is incorrect in the end. Trust my X-Men if you don’t trust me.” Professor X says the statement as the X-Men move in slow motion at the end of the video. Naturally, the first appearance of Storm’s outfit was in “Lifedeath – Part 2.” Ex-showrunner Beau DeMayo told a curious fan, “I wanted her to return to her roots as she embraces herself as a black mutant, which is why you notice the score during her return incorporates African motifs.” about the choice to give it to her. This connects to a previous interview in which DeMayo discussed how X-Men ’97 will carry on the plot of X-Men: The Animated Series, declaring that each design decision is “actually a clue to the storylines the production team is doing.” He went on, “Nothing is random. Throwing the X-Men back to a period when they are deliberating about what aspects of this they want to retain was the second motivation. Was life back then really easier, or were we simply more innocent?”

Furthermore, the X-Men ’97 final trailer made fun of Fox’s X-Men outfits. Producer Ralph Winter of X-Men had previously discussed that subject in 2020, saying that the production crew felt at the time that they “did a good job.” “Of course, there’s a joke in the movie about yellow spandex, which was directed at the fans,” Winter continued. “We wanted to let them know that we heard them, not to annoy them. We are aware of your desires. We recognize that your objection about Wolverine standing higher than five feet four is valid. We recognize that you would prefer that everyone dress traditionally. However, in order to pay for the budget, we also need to produce a film that appeals to a large audience.”

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