Doctor Doom is being transformed into Marvel’s new Thanos.

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Marvel Comics has been making efforts to turn Doctor Doom into the next Thanos, the primary antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In Thor #31, Doom is shown retracing Thanos’ steps by pursuing the mysterious seventh Infinity Stone, holding the Goddess of the Dead Hela prisoner, and expressing an interest in the end of the world. While Doom is undoubtedly a charismatic and established villain in his own right, Marvel seems to be aiming to establish him as the MCU’s next big villain after Kang.

However, Doom does not need to follow in Thanos’ footsteps to become Marvel’s top villain. Doom is already a perfect candidate for the role, having accomplished a lot more than Thanos throughout his long career. In the Secret Wars event, Doom saved the entire Multiverse and then ruled over its remains as God Emperor Doom. Unlike Thanos, Doom is not a nihilist who is fascinated with death and destruction. He is a ruler, not a destroyer, and is not “evil” in the classic definition of the term. Rather, he is an absolute egotist who has no moral compass outside his own judgment.

Doom is a complex and layered villain who adds value to any story he is in, and Marvel should rely on his many strengths that already make him popular among fans. While it is understandable that Marvel is trying to establish a new big villain for the MCU, it is important not to ignore Doom’s existing character development and backstory. Marvel can make Doom a compelling villain without making him follow in Thanos’ footsteps.

In conclusion, Marvel Comics is trying to turn Doctor Doom into the next Thanos, but they should focus on the character’s strengths instead of forcing him to retrace the steps of the Mad Titan. Doom is already a charismatic and established villain who has accomplished more than Thanos, and Marvel should use his many strengths to establish him as the next top villain in the MCU.

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