Features of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 two adorable firefly stars in Bodega cat costumes

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From post-credits scenes to secret character cameos, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is full of surprises for fans. One particularly memorable one is a famous Firefly couple dressed like fluffy cats. Creative director Bryan Intihar of Spider-Man 2 said in an interview that two Firefly alums, Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, make an appearance in the game as two NPCs to whom the two actors provided voice acting for a brief segment of ancillary material. The NPCs may be found at one of the Photo Op areas in the game, where the two Spider-Men can shoot pictures of New York’s many events to send in to the Daily Bugle newspaper. At one of these places, two men in cat masks, played by Fillion and Tudyk, try to show up each other and accuse each other of stealing their outfit concept. Based on lines from one of the game’s main writers, Nick Folkman, Fillion and Tudyk recorded for the brief scene over the course of one weekend, according to Intihar. The two, according to the director, are enormous fans of Insomniac’s previous two Spider-Man games and were excited to work on the sequel, adding a lot of star power to a straightforward side project that players are not even forced to play.

Both Fillion and Tudyk are well-known for their roles as Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Hoban Washburne, respectively, from the dystopian sci-fi western series Firefly, directed by Joss Whedon of Avengers, and two members of a crew of smugglers. Firefly was a great smash when it debuted in 2002 and was met with a lot of acclaim and positive reviews. However, the show only ran for 11 of the 14 episodes that were made before the network cancelled it right before the season finale. Serenity, the 2005 follow-up film directed by Joss Whedon, picked up the plot where the last episode left off. Even though their appearances in Spider-Man 2 were fleeting, Fillion and Tudyk had previously contributed their voices to video game projects. Along with playing the sardonic robotic guardian Cayde-6 in the two Destiny games, the Castle star also made appearances as Sergeant Buck and Mickey, the Spartan supersoldier, in Halo 3: ODST. In addition, Fillion provided his physical resemblance for his character model in the game.

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