Following Endgame, the Avengers choose one hero to promote Thanos events

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The Avenger chosen by the crew to document their most important conflict in the MCU has been announced. After coming together for the first time in their self-titled 2012 movie, The Avengers have had an illustrious history. The Avengers—Captain America, Iron Man, and others—have successfully repelled extraterrestrial incursions and rogue robots virtually every time. In the MCU’s Phase 4, the general populace appears to have a wealth of information of what transpired during the events of Avengers: Endgame, with WandaVision and Ms. Marvel characters in particular having extensive awareness of what transpired. Fans have inquired as to how citizens are made aware of events like the Avengers’ time theft and their pivotal confrontation with Thanos. Ms. Marvel acknowledged that Scott Lang played a role in notifying the inhabitants of Earth about these events. Peyton Reed, the director of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, has now elaborated on Scott’s reasoning.

The Avengers Specially Chosen Scott Lang

Peyton Reed, the director of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, claims that the Avengers hired Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, to tell their narrative. The filmmaker mentioned that Scott was chosen specifically by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to write his own brand-new book and describe the events of Avengers: Endgame:

“As Scott is introduced in Quantumania, he is somewhat looking backwards and in the rearview mirror. He has actually written a book. He was chosen by the Avengers to write the official account of the conflict with Thanos and to recount his journey to becoming a hero.

The book Reed refers to is none other than Lang’s autobiography, Watch Out for the Little Man, which is available both in the MCU universe and in our own. In response to another question from the interviewer about whether it was challenging to stay true to existing Marvel mythology while creating the film, the Ant-Man 3 director said that it’s “not really tough” because the MCU isn’t an exact duplicate of the comic books.

It’s not really difficult because, you know, we take cues from the comics about the character’s past, his appearance, and sometimes even his motivations. Kang’s past in this context and his relationship with our protagonists, however, are storylines that we solely develop for this film in terms of Quantumania.

Other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will need to pick up the ball that Quantumania drops and run with it, Reed continued.

“Thus, we are not required to follow a certain kind of arc or framework. The movies that follow this one, which we make, must sort of, you know, draw inspiration from what we’ve done here.

It’s intriguing that Scott was chosen to reveal the details of the Avengers’ Endgame conflict by the team as a whole. They may have trusted him with the assignment because they saw and valued his tenacity and sincerity and believed he would give an accurate and compelling account of the events. Scott, though, was only there for the group’s most recent successes. One can ponder if the superteam would have chosen someone like Bruce Banner to recount their history if they intended it to be in-depth, given that he has been involved from the beginning.

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