Following Jonathan Majors’ firing, Marvel Studios plans to maintain Kang in the MCU.

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shouldn’t anticipate any news regarding the next supervillain to take over from Jonathan Majors anytime soon, but a fresh insider rumour indicates that the MCU intends to retain Kang the Conqueror during replacement discussions. Despite rumours that the movie universe has been thinking about replacing the Kang character with a new big evil, according to Justin Kroll (via X), Marvel Studios will not remove the character from the MCU. Kroll, meanwhile, emphasised that Marvel will carefully consider their options before deciding on a genuine candidate to fill Majors’ position as the new Kang. Majors previously portrayed the character in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Loki. There have been a lot of remarks this week about “who will play Kang next” and “who is a top contender for Kang,” so all I can say is to not expect that news anytime soon. Don’t hold your breath on that one, but there will be plenty more Marvel breaks in the upcoming weeks on a number of fronts, according to Kroll.

Kroll also talked about other Hollywood names connected to the Kang role, including Colman Domingo, star of The Colour Purple and Fear the Walking Dead. The journalist for Deadline claims he hasn’t heard anything regarding a front-runner to portray Kang in the MCU and he doesn’t disagree with any of the options put forth. “This isn’t dismissing any rumour this week about potential contenders for the role, I don’t have any intel on those being true or not true it’s just letting you know if I were betting what gets announced first, Kang or the pitch, I’d put money on the pitch,” he stated. If Marvel decides to keep the live-action adaptation of the comic book character, a number of names were considered to play Kang after Majors was fired from the company after being found guilty of assault and harassment in relation to a domestic incident from last March. Stars like John David Washington and John Boyega have been brought up, although the former has ruled out a Majors replacement. The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law actor Ginger Gonzaga is among those who support Domingo as the finest possible choice, making him the most recent name added to the Kang recasting quest. After hearing rumours that he would be named as a successor, Domingo has replied to the rumours by stating that he hasn’t been contacted about the position.

In the MCU, Kang was supposed to be a villain on par with Thanos, and he would play a major role in the upcoming two Avengers movies, when he will face off against the titular supergroup. Majors received a lot of appreciation for his portrayal of Kang, Victor Timely, and He Who Remains. The Kang Dynasty was the intended title of the next Avengers movie, but Majors’ conviction led to speculation that Doctor Doom would take Kang’s place as the MCU’s most formidable foe. Since then, Majors has opened up about his conviction and termination by Marvel, expressing his regret at being removed from the MCU while adamantly denying any involvement in the alleged event involving his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. Majors, who faces a year in prison after his conviction, is scheduled to appear in court again on February 6. Majors’ Disney/Searchlight Pictures picture, Magazine Dreams, has been delayed from its scheduled debut, and there are rumours that the biographical drama may never be produced in addition to his sacking by Marvel. In the forthcoming film 48 Hours in Vegas, he was supposed to play NBA great Dennis Rodman. However, that part was lost.

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