GotG 3: Phyla-Vell actor reunions with James Gunn on Superman set

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While a DC/Marvel crossover film may not become a reality, Superman writer-director and DC Studios co-head James Gunn had a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 visitor on the set of the Man of Steel’s latest film. Gunn snapped a selfie with Phyla-Vell actor Kai Zen. The snapshot, shared on Instagram, shows Gunn and Zen standing side by side, beaming at the camera. “Yesterday, our favorite Guardian of the Galaxy (sorry, Chris Pratt), Phyla-Vell herself, Kai Zen, visited the Superman set and stayed all day!” the filmmaker said in the upload’s description. Marvel Studios execs Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito have already visited Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad.

On the topic of Guardians 3, Gunn discussed the difficulties he faced when writing the Marvel Cinematic Universe picture, responding to an interested fan that he “just had a hard time wrapping things up.” Gunn went on to say, “And I was running out of steam until I moved away and made The Suicide Squad, then came back. But even so, it was hardly the most enjoyable writing experience I’ve ever had. “It’s just pure willpower pushing it through.” Gunn recently discussed a conversation he had with Feige about Rocket Raccoon, recalling that he said to Feige before Guardians 3 came out, “Can you believe we’ve spent all this time, effort, blood and tears & hundreds of millions of dollars creating an epic trilogy that is essentially the origin of how a character came to be known as ‘Rocket Raccoon’?”

Gunn went on to say that “Rocket” represents “the part of our selves we create – our dreams, work, and actions,” while “Raccoon” represents “what we are and can’t change,” adding, “We’re all a combination of these two things.” The key is to strike a balance and understand what’s going on.” Putting the accent on Superman, Gunn explained why the project’s Legacy subtitle was deleted. Gunn claimed that when he brought up Superman, everyone agreed it “felt like the right name,” and that there hasn’t been a movie labeled SUPERMAN since the 1978 film was only sold as Superman: The Movie. Furthermore, Gunn stated that he has yet to reveal Superman’s suit since “the movie doesn’t come out for over a year.”

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