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Hey Marvel fans, the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 is the masterpiece by James Gunn. You will love it so much. I can definitely recommend this movie to watch first before reading this article, it’s the best movie of all time, by Marvel.

So, before reading this article please watch and enjoy the experience of the best movie from Marvel. Otherwise  you’ll regret later. Because this article has a heavy spoiler alert.

So, let’s begin. At the end of the movie Gamora choses to stay with that community, and refuses to be with Star-Lord. And in the reaction of that Star-Lord also decided to return to earth. To reunite with his Grandpa Quill and Grandma Quill.

So, Rocket the Racoon will become the captain of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Mentis also chooses to live life to find out what she really wants to do.
In the first post credit scene we have seen Adam Warlock , Groot, Rocket, and a little girl fighting other creatures of the galaxy. These creatures look like some small mammal animals.

And on the other post credit scene we have seen Peter Quill reunited with his grandparents on the earth, and on another scene Peter is doing his breakfast, and his grandpa is reading a newspaper where we have seen a news headline-

“Alien Abduction Kevin Bacon Shares All”

Which will indicate us for the upcoming movie having the X-men team. Specially, Kevin Norwood Bacon is an American actor and one of Peter Quill’s idols. He has played the Magneto character.

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