Hugh Jackman opens up about the challenges of reprising Wolverine at 55

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For Hugh Jackman, getting back into superhero shape for his role as Wolverine at 55 presented unexpected challenges that extended beyond the grueling workouts. In an exclusive interview with Ryan Reynolds for PEOPLE’s cover story, Jackman revealed the most difficult aspect of his transformation. While fans might assume the physical training was the toughest part, Jackman confesses it was actually the dietary requirements needed to bulk up that proved to be the most daunting. The actor, naturally lean, found the constant eating and the specific types of food required to gain muscle mass to be mentally exhausting.

During the interview, Ryan Reynolds expressed his admiration for Jackman’s dedication and physical prowess, highlighting the impressive nature of Jackman’s stunt work and choreography. Reynolds, who shares the screen with Jackman in the upcoming “Deadpool & Wolverine” film, noted how Jackman’s background in song and dance contributed significantly to his action scenes. He was particularly struck by Jackman’s ability to hit his marks with unparalleled speed and confidence, a skill honed over decades of performing in musicals and action films alike.

Jackman credited much of his physical success to working with stunt coordinator Brian Smrz, who introduced a dance-oriented approach to the action sequences. This method not only helped Jackman execute stunts more effectively but also made the training process enjoyable for him. Despite initial soreness, Jackman found that incorporating dance into his routine was beneficial both physically and mentally. However, he emphasized that maintaining the necessary diet to achieve Wolverine’s physique was the hardest part, requiring him to consume large quantities of food, which he found particularly challenging.

Reynolds humorously shared his own perspective on Jackman’s transformation, joking about the intimidating experience of facing Jackman’s ferocious on-screen presence. He recounted moments on set where Jackman’s intense physicality made him feel genuinely fearful for his own safety, despite the assurance of choreographed stunts. This blend of admiration and friendly banter highlighted the strong camaraderie and mutual respect between the two actors, setting the stage for their dynamic performances in “Deadpool & Wolverine,” set to hit theaters on July 26.

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