Iman Vellani of The Marvels responds to speculation regarding the movie’s last scene

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The Marvels made significant inroads into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future; one sequence hinted that Ms. Marvel, played by Iman Vellani, may play a major role as a recurring character in the Avengers movies. In an interview, Vellani talked extensively about her part in The Marvels. She declared herself thrilled that her character had at last encountered other MCU heroes. The screenplay for the movie’s last scene, which she got right before production, especially overwhelmed her. In that moment, her character was setting out to gather the Young Avengers, first on her list being Cassie Lang played by Kathryn Newton and Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld. She claimed that it instantly brought to mind Nick Fury’s recruitment of Tony Stark at the conclusion of the first Iron Man movie. She said, “I didn’t really understand the script until right before more photography,” at which point she lost it.”I emailed director Nia DaCosta in all capitals and went back and rewatched Iron Man right away. “I am in awe of the honour I am receiving right now,” I said. This is absurd!It didn’t hurt to watch the entire movie again, even if I didn’t need to.I was really ecstatic the whole time. We were all going crazy. In addition, it was the final scene we recorded for the film and the final scene overall.” She said that while the sequence had been written in an earlier screenplay, it had never been shot. Though she didn’t identify him, she was aware of rumours of the scenario involving another Young Avenger.

Vellani stated that rather than being composed of disparate images combined in post-production, the sequence starring Hailee Steinfeld was shot on location. She said, “Yeah, I couldn’t hold it together.” “I thought, ‘I feel so cool right now with my baseball cap,’ during every practise, and that trench coat was really great. That’s when I first met Hailee, and it seemed like a dream. All of a sudden, I had a sense of belonging to something far greater.” Marvel also revealed that the X-Men would eventually join the MCU in a mind-blowing mid-credit sequence starring Kelsey Grammer as Beast. Vellani said she had no idea Beast would be there while the scene was being filmed. “I was hoping to see something different, even though I knew they had shot it. And to my surprise, they didn’t even reveal the secret to me. On my bed, I genuinely leaped and experienced a heart attack when seeing it for the first time. However, it was really wonderful that I was able to experience it as a fan. To watch what they accomplish with that in the future simply excites me so much.”

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