Is it necessary for a Marvel movie to meet a standard of “goodness”?

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A Marvel movie is not just about the story and characters, but also about its visuals. From the costumes to the set design, everything needs to be perfect. The director usually chooses his actors based on what they look like, not just because their personality or fit with the story behind it. Therefore, a Marvel movie should not only be “good” but also make sure that it has spectacle written all over it.

There is a lot of pressure on Marvel Studios’ movies. They are constantly expected to top the previous film, and there is no room for error. Every character and their stories have been developed to perfection over these years, but even if they do manage to make a good movie, it’s not an easy task in today’s world.

A Marvel movie is only as good as its villain. The best villains in Marvel comic book history are Loki, Magneto and Doctor Doom. They’re all complex characters whose stories were filled with complicated plots and themes that explored antiheroes, mental health issues and existential crises. All of these elements are essential to making a great villain — but many blockbuster superhero movies forget this important aspect when creating their villains. If a hero needs someone to save the day and there’s no big bad guy to root against (with even less compelling motivations than them), then how will an audience care about whether or not they win? It’s easy for producers to fall so deep into their own universes that they forget what made their heroes appealing in the first place; most have forgotten why we love these characters so much in the first place.”

Although Marvel movies do not have a standardized formula, they all share certain elements that make them excellent films. One of these elements is their ability to keep audiences excited and involved by telling a good story that grabs our attention from beginning to end. To be able to make that happen requires a tremendous amount of planning and commitment from all departments — writing, directing, acting and even design.”

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