Kevin Feige addresses reports of Robert Downey Jr.’s potential Iron Man comeback

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President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has ruled out a future Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr. When asked to comment on Downey in an interview, Marvel Studios President and Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige lauded the actor’s contributions to both the franchise and the superhero subgenre in general. The question of Feige’s potential Iron Man comeback, which has been the subject of recent rumours, was then posed. Feige stated, “We are going to keep Iron Man’s death & not touch that moment again,” in response to this rumour. Feige continued by talking about the build-up to that point, which required a decade and a lot of character development for Robert Downey Jr.’s character. “To get there, we all put in a lot of years and a lot of effort. We would never wish to reverse it in any way through magic. In Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man met his demise by giving his life to stop Thanos from eradicating half of life once more and to save the universe. But since the MCU has been struggling lately and the multiverse has been revealed, there has been conjecture that Iron Man might be resurrected or returned in some other fashion.

When Downey was first cast in 2008, it was said that the studio looked at other actors before deciding on him for the Tony Stark role because of his relative lack of experience. Among them was Tom Cruise, who Kevin Feige claimed was in consideration to play the billionaire superhero during the early stages of the development of the first Iron Man movie in the mid-2000s, but casting was hampered by budgetary constraints. They chose to look elsewhere because, as Feige noted in MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, “Cruise’s asking fee at the time was more than even a profitable studio like Fox was willing to risk on an untested superhero property.” Hollywood studios viewed superhero films prior to the MCU’s ascent as hazardous endeavours, and they were reluctant to take a big chance by appointing a celebrity like Tom Cruise. In response to inquiries about a possible Iron Man role in recent years, Cruise chose to squash the rumours and commend Downey for his heroic roles in the MCU.

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