Kevin Feige of Marvel gives a hint about Harry Styles’ MCU comeback after his Eternals cameo

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Harry Styles may make a comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the appropriate moment, according to Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios. Styles made his screen debut as Eros/Starfox/ in Chloe Zhao’s Eternals. The singer gained popularity even though she just made a fleeting appearance in the post-credits. During the premiere of The Marvels, Feige talked about his comeback to the superhero genre in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.He’s fired up. We’re happy. Feige responded, trying not to reveal too much. “We shall see. “In a number of films and tags, you present a lot of fresh characters. Where are the reappearing tag folk? That’s a valid query. In the mid-credits sequence of the 2021 film Eternals, Styles plays Eros, who is presented by his friend Pip the Troll as the brother of Thanos and ruler of Titan. The Eternals learn that their companions are in danger when Eros appears out of the shadows and reveals where to go for them. Thanos and the multifaceted figure Eros had the same parent. He was anticipated to have a bigger role in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and is a prospective Avenger.

Producer of Eternals, Nate Moore, said in January 2023 that Styles will reprise his role as Starfox in a later Marvel production. Moore stated, “We didn’t cast Harry for a tag.” “With that persona, there are more tales to tell. Although complex, he is an incredibly entertaining character. Eternals, a television series starring Chloe Zhao, followed the titular immortal aliens as they came out of hiding to defend Earth against the Deviants, their archaic counterparts, after thousands of years. Styles’ continued involvement in the MCU has been confirmed, but Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani isn’t entirely convinced the singer/actor will reprise her role as Starfox. “It makes me feel so strange! I’m not sure. It’s peculiar. She remarked, “I really wonder, I wonder if they’re going to do something with the character or if they’re just teasing it for show.” “Because I am aware that Chloe Zhao adores Harry Styles.” Then there is the entire Harry Styles fanbase within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How disorganised would that be? Feige is currently concentrating on The Marvels, which opens in theatres everywhere on November 10. The tale follows Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), who has sought revenge on the Supreme Intelligence and recovered her identity from the despotic Kree, according to the official description. She is still carrying the weight of a cosmos in disarray, though. Her talents become interwoven with those of Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) as her responsibilities take her to a wormhole connected to a Kree revolutionary.”

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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