Logan confirmed as Canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Recently, the director of ‘Deadpool 3’, Shawn Levy, confirmed that ‘Logan’ is canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This announcement has excited fans of the X-Men franchise and has sparked discussions about the potential crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine. According to Levy, Hugh Jackman is playing the same Wolverine we all know and love, which means that the events of ‘Logan’ are now part of the MCU timeline.

This confirmation has also raised questions about how the X-Men will be introduced in the MCU. Since ‘Logan’ takes place in the future, it is unclear how the events of that movie will be incorporated into the present timeline of the MCU. However, this announcement is a sign that Marvel Studios is taking the X-Men franchise seriously and is actively working on integrating it into the MCU.

This news comes on the heels of another report that Eric Martin, the head writer of ‘Loki’ season 2, has rewritten the script for ‘Deadpool 3’. This has led to speculation that the movie will have some ties to the upcoming ‘Loki’ series, which is set to explore the multiverse. With all these developments, it seems that Marvel Studios is cooking up something big for the X-Men and Deadpool in the MCU, and fans can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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