Loki’s Ke Huy Quan remembers being invited to join the MCU by Kevin Feige

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Loki’s Ke Huy Quan Remembers Being Invited to Join the MCU by Kevin Feige. According to Marvel, Quint remembered how happy he was to get the coveted offer to work on the most popular film franchise in history. When I received the call, it was amazing.I became so moved, in fact,” he remarked.”I received the call while I was travelling at that moment.”Hey Ke, this is Kevin Feige,” was what I heard when I took it up.He told me how much he enjoyed my performance and Everything Everywhere All at Once. I had to respond, “Kevin, can you give me two seconds?” when he said, “Ke, I want you to join the family.” My eyes began to well up with tears because I couldn’t see the road,” he recalled.”After I parked the car and pulled aside, I asked Kevin to repeat what he had said. Please ask me that question once again. I will never forget that particular moment.”

Being a Marvel fan, Quan revealed that meeting the producer years prior and receiving the call from Feige was one of his greatest “geek-out” experiences. “Now, you have to understand, I met Kevin 23 years ago on the set of X-Men,” he said. At the time, I was only an assistant action choreographer, and he was an associate producer. Back then, I was in love with him. In this realm, he was incredibly intelligent and well-versed. I was ignorant of the Marvel Universe,” Quan said. Prior to Feige’s call, Quan had already started to fantasise about becoming a part of the MCU. He said, “But meeting him then, and never thinking that I would ever get to work with him, as Marvel movies get bigger and bigger, then secretly, I’m thinking, I want to join.” You can’t help but fantasise about being with Super Heroes when you watch a Marvel movie and see all those Super Heroes up on screen. Quan spoke about his favourite role in Loki Season 2, that of Ouroboros. After reading the script for Loki, the actor fell in love with the role. “I adore his eccentricity. His humour is hilarious. As a reader, I found him to be really humorous, even if he’s not trying to be amusing. He stated, “The conversation that comes out of him is amazing.

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