Madame Web’s role is described by Sydney Sweeney as a “strategic business decision.”

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Star of Madame Web Sydney Sweeney acknowledges that the financially troubled Sony Spider-Man Universe movie served as a “building block” for her career and implies that her decision to work on the project was calculated. In an interview, Sweeney commented about Madame Web’s box office difficulties, which have received a lot of attention and appear to be the lowest-grossing SSU film to date. Even though Madame Web didn’t do well critically or economically, Sweeney claims that the film helped her establish connections with Sony executives and maybe even earn larger parts. “I saw the movie as a foundational piece that helped me establish a rapport with Sony. I wouldn’t have a relationship with the decision-makers over there if I hadn’t done Madame Web, Sweeney remarked. “I do everything in my profession for the purpose of making strategic business decisions, not simply that tale. I was able to sell Anyone But You because I did that. I managed to obtain Barbarella.

Sweeney was a little let down by Madame Web’s performance. The Euphoria actress noted, nonetheless, that she cannot stress over uncontrollable factors because she is aware that taking on any job has some level of risk. “There are so many people involved in such a large-scale film,” she remarked. “I recently got a job as an actress, and I’m delighted to play a character that my younger relatives find fascinating. On a movie like that, I have little control over the outcome, particularly since I’m not the producer. You accept the ride and sign up for whatever comes your way. Sweeney, who plays Spider-Woman in Madame Web, has been vocal about the difficulties with the SSU film more and more. During her latest Saturday Night Live hosting gig, Sweeney made light of Madame Web’s box office performance, noting that the movie only made $97 million against its $80 million budget, making it the least successful of the four SSU releases. Sweeney further disclosed that she was in negotiations to co-star with Zendaya in a possible Madame Web sequel.

Madame Web, which also stars Dakota Johnson as the film’s title character, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor, has a 13% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes despite receiving harsh criticism for its plot, acting, and departures from the comic book original material. Johnson has also been forthright about Madame Web; she recently disclosed that the film had extensive rewriting and acknowledged that she hasn’t seen it yet. According to reports, Johnson’s disparaging remarks about Madame Web in the press infuriated Sony officials. Madame Web, a film directed by S.J. Clarkson, follows Johnson’s Cassandra Webb as she evolves from a psychic paramedic to the grudging hero of the title, who is eventually charged with rescuing three young ladies from a malevolent foe. After a disastrous run at the box office, the movie is already accessible digitally.

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