Marvel reveals the connections between the story arcs of Iron Man and Ironheart.

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Marvel reveals how Tony Stark’s technology impacted Riri Williams, therefore expanding Ironheart’s past inside the MCU. It is only reasonable for fans to surmise that Riri Williams had a meeting with Tony Stark prior to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the movie that gave Iron Man’s heritage to Ironheart. Although neither character had any moments together in the movie, Stark’s direct influence on Williams was not mentioned, which would have explained how the latter was able to construct her first set of Mark armour. Fortunately, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – The Art of the Movie from Marvel Studios clarifies this and validates what fans had always assumed: Riri Williams knew about and was impacted by Tony Stark’s work. Josh Nizzi, a Visual Development Concept Illustrator, outlined how Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits served as the inspiration for Williams’ adaptation of the Mark armour. “Riri is obviously aware of his work,” he stated. “She has her own form of Stark-like technology, called an RT. She’s making her own decisions, yet the design indicates that she has some influence.” Wakanda Forever was successful in portraying Williams as a resourceful young man who could assemble a Mark armour out of leftover parts, evoking the original Iron Man movie in which Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark had to develop Mark I in order to live. Williams, however, had the benefit of creating a Mark armour at a young age without Stark’s access to advanced technology.

Additionally, Nizzi disclosed his idea for the Ironheart armour design, which drew largely from Williams’ character. “We talked a lot about her personality and her qualities, so I tried to put a lot of that stuff into the suit,” he said. “She was portrayed as a young, feisty gamer tech geek who was something of a hip-hop culture assimilate and very worried about her safety. I used some of the modern robotics equipment, such the joystick, as she is also studying robotics. Additionally, the racing buckle and harness surrounding her have some roll cage components because to her passion for vintage automobiles.” Although only the first outfit was ever shown in Wakanda Forever, Riri Williams’ Ironheart armour has undergone three incarnations in the comics. However, the art book does include potential drawings for what Ironheart’s appearance in the MCU may have looked like. With the character ready for both her solo MCU debut and possible election to the Young Avengers, there’s no shortage of opportunity to go further into and refine these incarnations.

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