Marvel Studios releases a new The Fantastic Four poster, revealing which comics inspired the MCU film.

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Marvel Studios has released a new poster for The Fantastic Four, the impending reimagining of Marvel’s first family. The one-sheet, featuring artwork from Joseph Quinn’s Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, was issued to commemorate 4-4 Day (April 4). The studio shared the image on its official X account, with a comment asking readers to visit to discover more about the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film. If fans do, they will be greeted with a 404 Page Not Found screen showing H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot. However, upon closer investigation, fans will notice a QR code on H.E.R.B.I.E., which, when clicked, will transport the reader to a page for the Future Foundation, an organization featured in Mister Fantastic’s comic books.

While on the Future Foundation website, viewers are informed that they have been “granted access to read” five select issues of Fantastic Four on Marvel Unlimited for free “to prepare for the upcoming meeting.” These issues include Fantastic Four #1, Fantastic Four #48-50 (the first appearances of Galactus and Silver Surfer), and Fantastic Four: Life Story #1 (set in the 1960s). Marvel Studios’ selection of these issues as crucial comics that fans should read before of the film’s debut in 2025 appears to reinforce Galactus’ role as The Fantastic Four’s principal nemesis. It also suggests that the film will take place in the 1960s, as Marvel Studios hinted with its casting announcement artwork on Valentine’s Day. This development comes one day after Ozark actor Julie Garner joined the cast of The Fantastic Four as Shalla-Bal/Silver Surfer. Shalla-Bal, created by Stan Lee and John Buscema, debuted in 1968’s Silver Surfer #1 as Norrin Radd’s love interest. Garner is the sixth actor to be cast in the highly anticipated MCU film, following Pedro Pascal (Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards), Vanessa Kirby (Invisible Woman/Sue Storm), Joseph Quinn (Human Torch/Johnny Storm), and Ebon Moss-Bachrach (The Thing/Ben Grimm).

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