Marvel’s Dracula has a startlingly human side, as uncovered by Blade’s new mentor

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The new mentor for Blade is not the monster he appears to be. In Blade, authored by Bryan Hill, illustrated by Lee Ferguson, and coloured by KJ Díaz, the lead vampire hunter battles against blood zombie attackers while slicing across a wintry night sky. While the combat is intense, Blade doesn’t need to worry about losing since Dracula, the king of the Vampire Nation and the Day Walker’s current tutor, is using this as a training exercise.

The Vlad Dracula of Marvel Comics has a long history dating back to when the company was founded; it is acknowledged that he made his debut in “Dracula Lives!” from the pages of Suspense in 1950.The current version of Dracula was not introduced to the Marvel Universe until 1972’s Tomb of Dracula, penned by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Gene Colan. Since then, Dracula has been murdered and then raised from the dead several times. Dracula currently leads the Vampire Nation of Vampyrsk, formerly known as Chernobyl, where he has gathered and concentrated almost all of the world’s notable vampires in addition to his own strength. Since he became Vampyrsk’s only acting sheriff a few years ago, Blade has also been residing there most of the time.

Blade’s latest serial involves him taking down the demonic Adana, an ancient and supposedly unkillable creature that the Day Walker unintentionally let out on the planet. Because of this, Blade has joined forces with some of the unlikeliest of friends, such as Dracula, in the hopes of finding a way to destroy or confine Adana so that its demonic powers cannot harm anyone else. Before Adana appeared, Blade was still in shock over the arrival of Brielle Brooks, a.k.a. Bloodline, his estranged daughter who, in spite of her parents’ evident worries, had emerged as the next big vampire hunter in the Marvel Universe.

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