Marvel’s original hero for hire is about to go back behind bars due to Spider-Man’s gang war.

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Luke Cage’s freedom is soon to be taken from him by Marvel’s ongoing Gang War. In Luke Cage: Gang War, the titular hero faces up against a different sort of enemy as the Gang War that has taken over New York City continues to rage. An police on the scene threatens the acting mayor with a reminder of the Anti-Vigilante Act, even though Luke is not wearing any kind of costume at the moment and is being attacked by three towering mechanised menaces. Naturally, the ex-Hero for Hire brushes those worries aside in favour of battling the robotic killers who are still actively hunting him down in order to preserve his life.

Carl Lucas, popularly known as Luke Cage, first appeared in Marvel Comics in Hero for Hire, written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by George Tuska, published in 1972. Following his wrongful imprisonment, Luke was put through a terrifying series of tests that gave him superhuman strength, a somewhat quicker healing factor, and almost complete invulnerability to physical injury. After breaking out of Seagate Prison, Luke started working as a hired costumed hero. He soon adopted the Power Man moniker and pursued a more mainstream heroic career. Luke formed a strong connection with Danny Rand, popularly known as Iron Fist, and he also had a famous romance with Jessica Jones throughout the years.

Just two of the city’s street-level heroes were successfully driven into hiding when Wilson Fisk, the former mayor of New York City, started his all-out assault on costumed crime-fighting during the Devil’s Reign event in 2022. Luke and Jessica were among them.Despite their best attempts, the pair would still run afoul of some of the bad guys who Fisk hired to “clean up” the streets of New York City.Luke, nevertheless, was persuaded to make a political comeback by putting in a run for mayor, instead of only resisting Fisk on the field of war.Following the discovery and disruption of Fisk’s scheme to unleash the Purple Man’s abilities on the broader public, Cage was elected mayor. He has subsequently attempted to revoke the anti-superhero laws enacted by his predecessor.

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