Miles Morales and beyond: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Spider-Verse?

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Recent concept art from “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” leaks have sparked rumors about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man making an appearance in the movie. In the concept picture, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is seen wearing the red and black outfit from “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” Whether or not this was indeed his planned cameo in the animated Spider-Verse sequel is still up in the air. Some speculate that Tom Holland’s appearance may have been cut to avoid taking away from Miles Morales’ plot, while others point to the fact that Tom Holland and Sony were unable to reach an agreement during the film’s development as a possible contributing cause. Discussions regarding lost possibilities to include additional characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Spider-Verse have been sparked by the leaked concept drawings.

In final analysis, rumours of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man making a cameo in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” have been generated by leaked concept drawings. Though the concept art suggests this possibility, the reasons for Holland’s character’s possible exclusion are still unknown; some have speculated that this was done to keep Miles Morales the major focus, while others have taken into account contractual obligations. Discussions regarding possible future MCU character inclusions in the Spider-Verse have been sparked by this news.

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