Miles Morales and Peter Parker’s Hellfire Gala suits are added to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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Players of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may now relive finished missions or explore the new game mode by donning Miles Morales’ Hellfire Gala outfit. Spider-Man costumes and more gaming elements are now accessible, as stated by Marvel. Although the majority of players and reviewers concur that the game is among the best of 2023, many also point out that it was far too brief. Thankfully, the eagerly awaited update, which debuted on March 7, helped increase the game’s replay value. The opportunity to wear Peter and Miles’ Hellfire Gala outfits is one of the new features and cosmetics that Marvel has confirmed are coming to New Game+ mode.

According to Peter and Miles’ appearances at the Hellfire Gala, the suits are updated at no extra expense. The Hellfire Gala, first debuted in 2019’s Marauders, is an assembly of Marvel’s most well-known heroes, all of whom dress extravagantly. Since then, the Hellfire Gala has been woven into a number of story arcs. The X-Men utilised the occasion to discuss and validate team drafts, and members of the Avengers and Fantastic Four went for diplomatic reasons. Miles Morales debuted in an alternative cover of Miles Morales: Spider-Man in 2023, while Peter Parker wore the Hellfire Gala for the first time in 2022.

The Hellfire Gala outfits worn by both heroes in the comics are expertly adapted in Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker’s outfit, designed by Russell Dauterman, is a take on the classic all-black suit with crimson highlights and a red spider pattern around the chest. Bernard Chang created Miles Morales’ outfit, which included a dress shirt, coattails and suit trousers in a variety of colourful combinations. The Hellfire Gala outfits provide something new to the game, particularly for those who are interested in making the most of the Photo Mode. Players may now freely utilise stickers or large backgrounds in Action Figure Mode thanks to this functionality. Once the game has been completed, players can also choose to retry it at a different time of day, making it possible to take perfectly lit pictures. The two charity costumes that were included in the latest update cost $4.99 apiece. The Gameheads charity, a joint venture between Marvel, Insomniac, and Gameheads, will receive all profits from the sale of these Fresh and Fly suits (for Peter and Miles, respectively) in order to support underprivileged and underrepresented youth in the tech and video game industries. Marvel has confirmed that following the Gameheads charity period, which ends on April 5, both outfits will be given away for free.

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