One of Marvel’s most corrupt villains is spared from death by the Dead X-Men

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The one line that Marvel’s Dead X-Men will never cross has just been reached. For Moira MacTaggert, fortunately, it meant choosing to give her life. The titular heroes of Dead X-Men summon Rachel Summers to help them and their foe escape the timeframe they discovered her in after eventually catching up with the version of Moira that has been tormenting them at every turn. Rachel and MacTaggert talk about Xavier’s plan to travel back in time and murder a younger Moira before her powers manifested within a flaming mental environment. The possibility of losing Krakoa and all of its achievements is so great that they choose to keep Moira alive even if doing so will prevent Orchis from rising to power.

Moira Mactaggert, who was first introduced in the 1975 X-Men by writers Chris Claremont and Bill Mantlo and illustrator Dave Cockrum, is a skilled geneticist who has been close to Charles Xavier for most of her lives. As a mutant, Moira had the capacity to erase every moment of her past while keeping the wisdom and experience she had accumulated up to that point. Even though Moira dedicated the most of her life to improving mutantkind and bridging the divide with the humans who hated them, her tenth life saw a decline in conditions. Moira chose to join Orchis in their battle against the mutant population of the planet, hoping to emerge victorious and avoid being consigned to yet another devastating loss, instead of carrying on with her own resistance against the potential oppressors of mutantkind.

Due to Moira’s abilities and her significant contribution to Orchis’ ascent, the X-Men concluded that the only way to rescue the planet and themselves was to revert to a time before her powers manifested and end her life at that precise moment. In theory, this would stop the emergence of Dominions as well as the development of Orchis. The mechanized leaders of Orchis had originally planned to bring about the emergence of their so-called machine deity, but Mister Sinister (Nathaniel Essex) succeeded them in gaining Dominionhood.

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