Professor X is facing a deadly Marvel mutant in a fight for his life.

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Charles Xavier goes to war with one of his own in his quest for mutantkind. She was, regrettably, created to be the most competent of all of them. Rise of the Powers of X: Standing over the lifeless body of Rachel Summers, whom he had just shot in cold blood, is Charles Xavier in the extraterrestrial realm known as No-Place X. But Xavier is not alone; Mother Righteous, who is imprisoned, is the only thing stopping the mutant chimera Rasputin IV.

One of the few havens for mutantkind after the Dominion known as Enigma appeared was No-Place X. Enigma is a near-omnipotent creature created from Nathaniel Essex’s elevated consciousness that can track his mutant adversaries through time and space. One of the few places where Charles Xavier is secure from Enigma’s sight since Enigma’s arrival is No-Place X. One of the four clones that the original Nathaniel Essex made, Mother Righteous was first seen in 2022’s Legion of X, authored by Simon Spurrier and drawn by Jan Bazaldua. Mother Righteous is a clone of Rebecca, Essex’s wife, whereas Mister Sinister, Doctor Stasis, and Orbis Stellaris are all clones of Essex. Mother Righteous, like the other Essex clones, was designed to stave against Dominion’s approaching invasion by studying and becoming proficient in the Mystic Arts. Recently, Xavier and the other last mutant heroes have made the decision to go back in time and kill a young Moira MacTaggert in an effort to thwart Dominion’s ascent. They had believed that murdering Moira before her powers could take effect would stop Dominion from ever being, but doing so would have also prevented them from creating the mutant country of Krakoa. This resulted in Xavier’s abrupt and apparent heel turn when he pointed his gun at Rachel Summers instead of Moira as planned.

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