Russell Crowe defends superhero films and claims that viewers want nuance.

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Russell Crowe has lauded recent advancements in superhero movies while talking about the need for complexity in the context of the discussion about “superhero fatigue.” When he said, “You know, the filmmakers that they’re using, and the assets they’re giving those filmmakers, are getting better and better and better,” Crowe may have been implying that attitudes towards superhero movies have evolved for both the industry and consumers. Additionally, because the audience has expanded [with the characters], it is perhaps now simpler to offer the characters greater subtlety. The public has grown up with these comic book movies, so perhaps the first few of them had to be really straightforward, but now they want that complexity, you know?

When he said, “I think at first there might have been a misconception about the way comic-book films were made and [having to work] against blue-screen,” Crowe also made reference to blue-screen, a comparable technique to green-screen. However, they have altered now. Examples of movies that have received appreciation for combining actual stunts with CGI include Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Simi Liu, who plays Shang-Chi, and Sebastian Stan, who plays Captain America, both put in a lot of training for their action scenes, and Liu even got hurt.

While Crowe highlights the industry’s shift away from relying only on CGI, recent remarks by fellow co-star Christian Bale, who called the green-screen work in Thor the “definition of monotony,” imply there is still work to be done. Anthony Hopkins, who plays Thor, may have implied that the industry has actually gone backward. Hopkin’s views were in sharp contrast to his original delight at joining the franchise, when he described portraying Odin as “pointless acting” in which he “sits on the throne, [and] shouts a bit.”

Chris Hemsworth’s admission that Love and Thunder fell short has led to many people viewing Thor as a pariah in the superhero genre, although nuanced, highly renowned directors are usually drawn to the superhero picture industry. Christopher Nolan of The Dark Knight and Guillermo Del Toro of Blade are two famous examples. Films like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse have demonstrated that audiences still flock to superhero movies with complex plots. Samuel L. Jackson of Secret Invasion recently responded to criticisms of the genre. Reactions to the series have been seen as lacklustre, with some commentators coming to the conclusion that fans really want more of what they’re used to as Secret Invasion strives to strike a more serious tone.

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