Ryan Reynolds’s new Deadpool 3 set photo reveals an interesting location

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An intriguing historical link is hinted at by Deadpool 3 actor Ryan Reynolds in a behind-the-scenes image that shows off a new setting from the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Reynolds posted a picture of two chairs with the names Wade Wilson, the main character in Deadpool 3, and Logan—a homage to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine—on location via his Instagram stories. The seats are arranged in front of a cornfield, which resembles a section of the farm seen in the Logan movie from 2017, which was Wolverine’s last motion picture.

Director Shawn Levy captured the set photo in black and white, echoing the Logan motif. To the pleasure of moviegoers, a black and white version of the movie was released. The scene in the picture, when Wolverine, Professor X, and X-23 sought safety in Logan from X-24, may raise more questions regarding the Time Variance Authority’s (TVA) possible participation in Deadpool 3. Levy has disclosed that, despite consistency problems, Logan is regarded as canon for Deadpool 3. Last October, Levy stated to BroBible, “Logan is canon. Logan is loved by us. That took place. As the director and producer, I want the public to know that we all have a great affection and regard for Logan, its entire story, and all of the events that occur.” Levy’s remarks suggested that the events of Deadpool 3, which saw Wolverine tending to his mentor Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in their latter years, occurred before to Logan. Logan’s director, James Mangold, has maintained that the most recent Deadpool movie is a precursor to his film; Levy has not acknowledged nor refuted this.

Filming on Deadpool 3 started in November of last year in the United Kingdom following a production halt brought on by the SAG-AFTRA strike. Star of Kingsman Taron Egerton is rumoured to be a Wolverine variation in the next Phase Five film, one of several celebrity appearances that have been announced. Although Levy and Reynolds have declined to confirm if Taylor Swift and Halle Berry would feature, they have been strongly associated with the threequel. Potential ties to Loki and the Fantastic Four remake were also suggested by recent set images. Reynolds later issued a statement denouncing the leaks.

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