Sony supposedly disappointed with Dakota Johnson’s conduct during the Madame Web press tour

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Executives at Sony are apparently not pleased with Dakota Johnson’s constant criticism of their latest movie, Madame Web, on the promotional tour. According to reports, Sony feels that Johnson is “dragging” the recently released movie, which was met with harsh criticism from reviewers and viewers alike, without accepting any accountability for its lack of success. “Many people at Sony are questioning her star power, and how she reacted to this failure will likely come back to haunt her,” one source told the publication. Additionally, the insider said, “It’s not like every movie will succeed, but even bad movies require a lot of work, so it’s not good for your star to s**t on it.” According to the insider, Dakota is being treated with contempt for her comments about the movie because all of the crew is wondering, “What if the movie was still the same but also a box office gem? ‘She would be talking about sequels and probably praising herself over its good fortune.'” But according to reports, the studio was cool with Sydney Sweeney making a joke about Madame Web in her Saturday Night Live opening monologue. A portion of Johnson’s critique of the movie comes from her previous remarks in which she said she wasn’t shocked by the movie’s box office failure.

When Madame Web debuted in theatres last month, it was met with harsh criticism and derision; on Rotten Tomatoes, it had a 12% critics’ score and a 57% audience score. The director, S.J. Clarkson, explained that Madame Web wanted to stand out and “be in a universe of her own,” which may have been the reason behind some fans’ seeming dissatisfaction with the story’s lack of clear Spider-Man links. A response similar to this has already been seen to a Sony Marvel movie. For instance, after becoming a huge online meme, the studio decided to re-release Jared Leto’s Morbius in theatres, only to have it bomb at the box office once more. On August 30, 2024, Kraven the Hunter, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, will be released in theatres as the next installment in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

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