The Armor Wars in the MCU will begin when War Machine appears in Secret Invasion.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is known for its complex and interconnected storylines, and it looks like one of the next major arcs will be “Armor Wars.” This storyline, which is based on the comic book series of the same name, will focus on the consequences of Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) technology falling into the wrong hands, and the efforts of the good guys to stop it.

According to recent rumors and reports, “Armor Wars” will be kicked off by the appearance of War Machine (James Rhodes) in the upcoming Marvel series “Secret Invasion.” This show, which is set to debut on Disney+, will see the Skrulls, a shape-shifting alien race, infiltrating Earth and posing as key figures in government and society. As the Skrulls begin to reveal themselves and make their move, it will be up to War Machine and other heroes to stop them and protect the planet.

War Machine, who is a close friend and ally of Tony Stark, will play a crucial role in “Armor Wars” as the story progresses. As a member of the U.S. military and a skilled pilot, he will bring a unique perspective to the conflict and will be a powerful force on the side of the heroes. With his high-tech suit, which is similar to Iron Man’s, he will also be able to hold his own in battle against the Skrulls and their advanced technology.

As the story unfolds, it is likely that War Machine will also play a key role in the effort to recover and secure Stark’s stolen technology. This will bring him into conflict with other characters who have obtained and are using the technology for their own purposes, such as the villainous Justin Hammer and the antihero Ghost. It will be interesting to see how War Machine navigates these challenges and what kind of alliances he forms in the process.

Overall, War Machine’s appearance in “Secret Invasion” and his role in “Armor Wars” will bring a new level of depth and complexity to the MCU. It will also allow fans to see more of the character and his backstory, and to explore the themes of responsibility and accountability in the use of advanced technology. With the MCU expanding its universe and the addition of new characters, War Machine’s presence in this storyline will be an exciting addition to the MCU and will bring a new perspective to the story.

Don Cheadle has been a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 13 years, and finally, all of that time spent conversing with floating tennis balls and performing in the ostensibly steamy War Machine costume is ready to pay off — in another year or two. The starring role in his own film, Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, is about to step out from under Tony Stark’s shadow. We’ll finally have a chance to delve into the life of the U.S. Air Force officer in “Armor Wars,” as he negotiates being a hero in the wake of his friend’s tragic sacrifice.

In an interview for the January 2023 issue of Total Film, Cheadle did share what fascinates him about the project, despite the story’s largely ambiguous details:

“I don’t think we’ve ever really dug into him, and now it’s an opportunity to really explore his emotional life, his interior life, his relationships, his trajectory, where he wants to go, what his challenges are.”

Rhodey occasionally spent time in the spotlight while serving as Tony Stark’s closest friend and most dependable ally, doing his best to steer the self-centered billionaire in the right direction. Unfortunately, due to the MCU’s growth, there wasn’t much opportunity to fully develop Rhodey’s story in films like “Avengers: Endgame” and “Captain America: Civil War,” which is a pity given many of those films had profound events occurring in his life. We finally get to witness some of its influence in action in “Armor Wars.” But as always, don’t anticipate a condensed tale as a result.

Few specifics concerning “Armor Wars'” plotline or even Rhodey’s character arc have been made public, although the fact that the movie is based on the same-named comic tale does give some useful indications. Rhodey will be kept very busy by his friend’s legacy, trying to stop Tony’s technology from slipping into the wrong hands, should it follow the comic book exactly. He will still continue to drive the narrative even while Tony’s errors are discussed. “Obviously, you have to pay off the Marvel things and be in the lore of the mythology of the character and the MCU in general,” Cheadle said in reference to the MCU.

Before “Armor Wars,” there is another MCU project featuring Cheadle called “Secret Invasion” that will be released. Samuel L. Jackson will be the star of the new series as the grizzled secret agent Nick Fury, the former head of S.H.I.E.L.D. who once again has his hands full dealing with extraterrestrial activities. In the series, Fury discovers that a radical gang of Skrulls has been covertly invading Earth and that, given their shape-shifting abilities, any anyone may be a Skrull – he should know, he’s had one take on his identity before!

Then how does Rhodey fit into this story? Cheadle claims that “Armor Wars” will begin as a result of the events in “Secret Invasion.” Cheadle said, “I’m in ‘Secret Invasion.'” “In Sam Jackson’s programme, I am now. There is a portion of it that introduces the events of “Armor Wars.””

Where the Armor Wars and the Secret Invasion meet

The series will reportedly have Nick Fury at conflict with his former Avenging ally. Could this be connected to the potentially harmful Stark technology that was just hinted at in the “Secret Invasion” trailer? To his ally’s dismay, it wouldn’t be the first time that Nick Fury had been caught amassing lethal weaponry. You can see why War Machine could be quite concerned about having control over Tony’s highly developed technology given the invasion of Earth by shape-shifting aliens.

If that’s the direction things are going, it’s easy to see how the events of “Armor Wars” may flow into those of “Secret Invasion.” The MCU has always used the strategy of one tale moving immediately into another, while Phase Four seemed less like that. It seems logical that all of the connective tissue is re-establishing itself now that Phase Five is beginning. When considering the MCU’s ongoing expansion, Cheadle noted, “It may go forever… I hope it doesn’t become dispersed too much.”

The endless stream of MCU movies and TV didn’t exactly instil faith in the future of the storytelling method, so he is not alone in that issue. However, the actor sounded sure that everything would work out as long as everyone is focused on the same objective. Added he, “Still being done is quality control, not just attempting to grow for the sake of it. With each iteration, you have a clear goal in mind for the storytelling and what you hope to achieve.”

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