The Fantastic Four of the MCU Reed Richards is reportedly going to be played by Dev Patel

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According to a recent rumour, Marvel Studios is aiming to cast Dev Patel as Reed Richards in the next Fantastic Four revival. Lizzie Hill, who is also the editor-in-chief of The Cosmic Circus, is a dependable source for breaking news. According to an unknown source (likely associated with the production), Patel is the “top contender” to play Richards, a.k.a. Mister Fantastic. This is consistent with earlier rumours that Patel is the favourite to play the lead role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe-set Fantastic Four revival. However, Marvel Studios has not officially confirmed that Patel is in discussions for the part of Richards, so for the time being, reports to that effect should be treated with caution.

Patel will be the second actor to play Mister Fantastic in the MCU if he agrees to join the Fantastic Four. John Krasinski from The Office temporarily played the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse from 2022, which led to rumours that he might play the part again in the next remake. Since then, Krasinski has all but confirmed that this isn’t going to happen, saying in a recent interview that Marvel Studios hasn’t talked to him about Fantastic Four in the months since the release of the Doctor Strange sequel. The actor stressed the uniqueness of his appearance and recalled how he was given the opportunity “to play in [Marvel’s] sandbox for a day.”

Due to Krasinski’s remarks, other well-known actors were suggested as a possible substitute for him in the Fantastic Four. This includes Adam Driver, who (like Patel) is usually mentioned as the front-runner for the Reed Richards role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Diego Luna, the star of the movie Andor, has also been mentioned, however he is still mum on whether Marvel Studios has ever contacted him about the project. “The only thing I can say is that I’ll be busy for the next two years. We’ll determine whether what I want to achieve is even filmable in two years “In a recent interview, Luna remarked. As part of its larger ensemble of characters, the Fantastic Four revival has also been linked to several Hollywood A-list actors. Notably, Austin Butler, the Elvis star, is allegedly pleading with Marvel Studios for the Johnny Storm/Human Torch role. Additionally, Ryan Reynolds is reportedly in contention for an unnamed part in Fantastic Four. However, neither actor is now formally associated with the project.

Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four will release in theaters on Feb. 14, 2025.

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