The first logo for Marvel Studios’ friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

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Marvel Animation’s initial logo for Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, the upcoming animated series, has been revealed. The homepage page for the new animated series, which was first revealed back in 2021 as Spider-Man: Freshman Year, has been changed on the official Disney website. The logo for Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man has been added to the landing page. It resembles the one Marvel produced for Freshman Year. Above the title of the new programme is the Marvel Animation emblem, which made its debut in the X-Men ’97 teaser.

Despite being set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man will take place in a another universe where Norman Osborn, rather than Tony Stark, served as Peter Park’s mentor. The Runaways member Nico Minoru, along with Lonnie Lincoln, Amadeus Cho, Pearl Pangan, Jean Foucault, and Harry Osborn, will take the place of Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones-Watson as the titular Webslinger’s best pals in the animated series, which will also alter Peter’s friendships. It is not anticipated that Tom Holland will provide the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the next series, which will be animated in a manner that “celebrates the character’s early comic book roots.” Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe shouldn’t be too shocked by this as the actor also didn’t voice the webslinger in What If…? Hudson Thames voiced Spider-Man in the episode “What If… Zombies?!” Thames is identified as Peter Parker’s voice in the U.S. Copyright Office Public Records System registration record for the programme, despite the fact that Marvel Studios has not formally revealed who would be speaking the title superhero.

Your Neighbour Is Friendly Marvel Studios is presently working on many Spider-Man-related projects in addition to Spider-Man. In addition, the firm is working with Sony Pictures on a fourth live-action Spider-Man film, which will reunite Holland in the lead role. Aside from the fact that the narrative is still unknown, insider Daniel Richtman recently said that Sony and Marvel are at disagreement about the character’s future direction. Sony wants to see another “huge” multiverse adventure, while Marvel wants to do something realistic. Wilson Fisk/Kingpin is scheduled to make an appearance in Spider-Man 4, but Vincent D’Onofrio has not yet started negotiations to play the part again, according to Richtman. This is consistent with earlier reports that the sequel will be connected to the plot of Marvel’s planned Daredevil: Born Again Disney+ series. There are also rumours that two MCU superheroes, Daredevil and Ant-Man, may make an appearance in Spider-Man 4. These superheroes would likely mentor Holland’s Peter Parker in a manner like to that of Iron Man and Doctor Strange in Homecoming and No Way Home, respectively.

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