The Marvels star was startled to see a surprise X-Men cameo

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Actor Teyonah Parris of Marvels recently disclosed that she was filming the post-credit scene of the MCU film with X-Men legend Beast without realising it. who portrays Monica Rambeau in the MCU, said in an interview that she was unaware that Beast, who was inserted during post-production, was a stand-in for the doctor wearing a lab coat in the scene. When the actor saw the completed movie’s post-credit scene featuring the X-Men character, “I also went wild,” he claimed. “I’m thinking, ‘Hold on! That isn’t the person I filmed with! And until it aired, I was in the dark. The actor we worked with was really pleasant and friendly, and he was wearing a lab coat when we filmed it. He had the appearance of an everyday doctor. Nobody mentioned that there would be a small surprise involved. I had no idea. Along with everyone else, I found out,” Parris said.

The reappearance of Kelsey Grammer as Hank McCoy/Beast, who made his screen debut in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, thrilled MCU fans just as much as Parris. In the post-credit sequence of The Marvels, Monica played by Parris woke up in a lab on an other Earth in the Multiverse where the X-Men, it seems, are already well-known. She meets Beast and Maria Rambeau, still portrayed by Lashana Lynch, an alternative, superhuman version of her Earth-616 mother.

Parris talked candidly about her strong emotional response to being cast as Monica Rambeau in the MCU during a previous interview. Parris talked about how she saw her face in previsualizations and storyboards after being cast for the part. “I remember crying in that room in front of (some of the Marvel Studios executives) because it was just so overwhelming.” She remarked, “I was thinking of my parents, their support and affection, and the difficult times when you might not be able to make any reservations for a year and a half and have no money. Parris went on, “I was just experiencing the love and support of so many people who helped me get to this point.” Being a superhero for Marvel was my real dream, and now I’m real. It was also, I believe, seeing that Black women and women in general don’t frequently get to experience that in the superhero world.”

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