The production of Deadpool 3 has been halted due to actor’s strike

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As a result of the actor’s strike, Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3 production has been halted, and claws and swords have been dropped. The highly anticipated Marvel Studios threequel, which will see Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been placed on hold while SAG-AFTRA authorises its Hollywood strike. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) joins the actors guild on the picket lines, hurting various films and television series across the entertainment sector. At the time of writing, Marvel has not responded to whether the stoppage of Deadpool 3 will influence its May 2024 release date.

The strike has impacted the first MCU film under development, Deadpool 3. Thunderbolts and Blade, two projects that have yet to begin production, were already impacted by the writer’s strike when they were in the last phases of pre-production. Furthermore, the development of Marvel’s Wonder Man series for Disney+ was halted due to strike writers picketing outside the site in order to make a strong statement against Disney. While Deadpool 3 was able to begin shooting during the writer’s strike, a report stated that the strike might have an influence on Reynolds’ ability to improvise on set. However, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefield refuted the notion, claiming that Reynolds can perform further work in post-production once the strike ends, owing in part to his use of Deadpool’s iconic mask. “You know he’s wearing a mask and can improvise a lot in post-production.” “ADR is where the really fun stuff happens,” Liefield explained.

Deadpool 3 features the long-awaited reunion of the Merc with the Mouth and Wolverine, as played by Hugh Jackman, who returns to the character following his first swan song in 2017’s Logan. Before the actors’ strike was authorised, Jackman posted an on-set snap of Wolverine in his traditional yellow suit fighting Deadpool in a sandy location. While the plot of Deadpool 3 remains unknown, on-set photographs of a shattered 20th Century Fox logo hint a multiverse plot incorporating characters from previous Fox-produced Marvel films. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner from 2003’s Daredevil are rumoured to appear, as is Channing Tatum as Gambit. Tatum was scheduled to play the mutant character in a 2015 stand-alone film that was subject to director changes and finally went apart when Disney purchased Fox in 2019. Furthermore, Deadpool 3 is said to include members of the Time Variance Authority, as seen in the Disney+ series Loki.

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