Tony Todd verifies voice tracks for Spider-Man 2’s rejected Miles Morales symbiote story

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The voice of Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was largely credited to horror star Tony Todd, even though it’s said that most of the lines he recorded for the game never really appear. Tony Todd, who gained popularity in the horror genre for his roles in the Final Destination and Candyman movies, caused a stir online when it was discovered that he provided the voice of Venom, the evil symbiote that serves as the main enemy of the game. Despite the fact that the actor recently disclosed at the San Francisco Fan Expo that Insomniac, the game’s creator, only used around 10% of the lines he recorded for the role, many fans of the trailers thought his casting was ideal.

Given that Insomniac drastically reduced Venom’s prominence in the game before its release, many speculated about a possible spin-off or expansion featuring Venom more prominently after Todd’s disclosure. The actor did, however, acknowledge that a few of his deleted lines were from a scene in the game that the creators chose to remove before the game was fully developed. According to reports, the scenario in question involves the younger, adolescent Spider-Man in the game, Miles Morales, ingesting the Venom symbiote, which starts to corrupt him in a similar manner to how it corrupts Peter in the epilogue. Although Insomniac has not stated why it removed this portion of the game, players have started to speculate that the plot may be realised in a stand-alone expansion, spin-off, or sequel in the future.

Since the news broke that Venom may be played as a playable character in Spider-Man 2, fans have been calling for a stand-alone Venom game. This was eventually confirmed when players were given control of the villain for a brief part of the game. Players naturally discovered a way to force the game to let them play as Venom and roam the wide environment, jumping around and interacting with the metropolis. The bug was promptly fixed by Insomniac, but this did nothing but fan expectations for a stand-alone Venom experience in the future. No current plans for a stand-alone Venom game, DLC, or spin-off starring Miles Morales as the symbiote have been disclosed by Insomniac. The creator has acknowledged that further Spider-Man content is being developed, though. At the moment, the studio is also developing a video game featuring Wolverine.

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