Uncanny X-Men will introduce four new mutants to the series.

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Gail Simone spoke at an X-Men: From the Ashes event at WonderCon this weekend, where she revealed some new facts about her forthcoming run on Uncanny X-Men with artist David Marquez, including the news that the series would include four brand-new mutants. These new mutants will join the series’ previously revealed cast, which includes Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Jubilee, Gambi, and team leader Rogue. Jules Chin Greene of PopVerse live-blogged the panel on Saturday, providing Simone’s opinions on the series and its Louisiana location, as well as her thoughts on the new cast members and, more significantly, what she hopes to accomplish with the mutations of these new mutants.

The X-Men have made themselves at home in the Big Easy, protecting a world that despises and terrifies them! Join ROGUE, GAMBIT, NIGHTCRAWLER, JUBILEE, and WOLVERINE in their thrilling super hero adventures. Uncanny as ever, the X-Men are back to save the day mutant-style! When addressing the X-Men in general, Simone stated that the attractiveness of the X-Men stems from something within them that makes them feel different, and that difference alienates them from the rest of the world. Simone points out that this is very applicable to many of us in the real world. With that in mind, Simone explains that the four new mutants featured in this series all have abilities inspired by the concept of “hidden disabilities” in the real world. So these mutants are contrasted with Wolverine’s ability to extend his claws.

Simone notes that each of the three “core” X-Men publications will have a different flavor, which will be influenced in large part by the books’ location. Her series, set in New Orleans, will have a “Southern Gothic” vibe to it. She says Marquez has struck her with his ability to execute not only tremendous action scenes, but also quiet, sensitive ones. Simone also stated, “Everyone is my favorite while I’m writing them, which is why it’s been so much fun to write this.”

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Source: PopVerse

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