Which MCU character does Echo’s Alaqua Cox want Maya to meet next?

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Alaqua Cox, an Echo actress, recently revealed which character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe she hopes to encounter next. In an interview, Cox hinted at the potential MCU appearance of her character Maya Lopez after her Disney+ miniseries. “Maya definitely needs to show up in more Daredevil content. Perhaps I should give the new Avengers some thought as well. It would be amazing to witness it take place. So, let’s hope for the best,” she stated through an ASL translator. In response to the question of which MCU heroine she would most want to meet, Cox said that WandaVision or Scarlet Witch immediately sprang to mind. I wish I could see her.”

Maya Lopez, played by Cox, makes her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the 2021 Disney+ series Hawkeye. She is based on the Marvel Comics heroine of the same name who made her debut in Daredevil in 1999. Maya met Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as Hawkkeye and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) as Hawkkeye in the beloved programme. In her own series Echo, a flashback showed that she had engaged in a brief battle with Charlie Cox’s character, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, during The Blip. Marvel Studios’ new Spotlight effort, which promises to deliver more “character-driven” storylines with its series while straying from Marvel’s big-budget paradigm, debuted with Echo. According to the official description of the MCU series, Wilson Fisk’s organisation is pursuing Maya Lopez, which forces her to return to her birthplace of Oklahoma. There, she must accept her history, reestablish her connection to her Native American heritage, and love her family and community.

Despite being advertised as a limited series, co-head writer Amy Rardin said that Echo would return for a second season when it was shown to be the most viewed series debut on Hulu and Disney+. Rardin said, “I feel like I could watch the Maya-Kingpin show all day if we’re lucky enough to have a Season 2.” There are countless storyline opportunities there, in my opinion, as she and him aren’t done with each other. She went on, “Oh my god. The remarkable thing about these two personalities, in my opinion, is how well-known they are to one another. Maya has a lot of control over Fisk because, in my opinion, she knows that he loves her, which is a powerful feeling, and because she probably knows him better than most others. Therefore, I believe it may be incredibly entertaining to watch these two emotionally charged chess players exploit one another.”

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