Which villain Iman Vellani would most like to see in Ms. Marvel season 2

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Iman Vellani, the actress behind Ms. Marvel, recently disclosed the comic book villain she would like to see show up in a potential Disney+ second season. In an interview, Vallani, who is currently playing Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel in The Marvels, revealed that she wants Kamala to battle Doc. X, a sentient computer virus and artificial intelligence, in Ms. Marvel Season 2.Doc. X, without a doubt. The actor remarked, “I think that’s a great villain from the comics and can really resonate with the Gen Z audience.” “I don’t know, playing with the minds of children almost as much as that would be interesting, especially with this villain that only appears on your phones, laptops, and other inaccessible screens. I believe it would be an extremely fascinating scenario to place them all in to battle against an invisible foe. Yes. Yes, that is one of my favourite narratives in comic books. Thus, I would really like to see that happen.” A second season of Ms. Marvel has not yet been announced by Disney+ or Marvel Studios as of this writing. Six episodes made up the inaugural season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe television series, which followed Vellani’s Kamala Khan on her quest to become a superhero after discovering an ancient heirloom that gives her the ability to create strong structures out of cosmic energy. Given how well-received Ms. Marvel Season 1 was by both fans and critics, it is surprising that the show was not renewed for a second season. Sana Amanat, the show’s producer, has urged fans to keep pushing for a second season despite the lack of an official announcement, saying that it is “great to see more demand.”

In the event that Ms. Marvel Season 2 is not produced, Vellani’s future in the MCU appears bright. Kamala is seen at the conclusion of The Marvels looking for other young heroes to join forces with, such as Kate Bishop/Hawkeye, in order to form their own team. A lot of Marvel Comics fans think that this scene is a tease for the Young Avengers, a group of superheroes that were first published in 2005. As recently as last month, Vellani made mention of the potential for a Young Avengers project, implying that the group would undoubtedly approach their superhero duties from a different perspective. They’re fans of the older Avengers, she added, but they also have viewpoints that the older Avengers don’t, particularly since they’ve experienced the fallout. Therefore, I believe they can truly create something new with this team. It will, in my opinion, be far more useful than the Avengers ever were. The fact that Kamala is in charge could also, in my opinion, really wonderfully set the tone. She seems like a born leader to me.”

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