Why Tom Cruise never played Iron Man is revealed

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We now understand the precise reason Tom Cruise was never cast as Iron Man, particularly during the early years when the character was being rumoured to be his. Just so you have a timeline before we get to the real matter, this would be around the same period when Nicolas Cage was being considered for the part of Ghost Rider. The book The MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, which discusses the long-standing speculations about Tom Cruise portraying Iron Man, is where this revelation first surfaced. It turns out that the tale goes far deeper than most of us realised. It might be inferred from this that Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, felt that the actor’s requests for the MCU were just too high for the studio to pay.

As you may recall, Marvel Studios received somewhat more than $500 million to produce the first Iron Man, the second Iron Man, Thor, the first Captain America, and the Avengers when they were funding their initial slate of films that culminated in the Avengers. They genuinely had very little money for all those flicks. Given that Tom Cruise’s estimated asking price for the role of Iron Man in the first movie was $15 million, it would have been too expensive to cast him in the lead role. Marvel Studios could not possibly afford to spend that much money on a single actor, particularly for an unproven project. However, they also disclose that ten years earlier, when the rights to Iron Man were held by 20th Century Fox, Tom Cruise, then 34, was toying with the notion of voicing the character. But once more, everything was the same.

It was simply excessive. The persona was not well-known. Even Fox back then was unwilling to take that kind of risk, even with Iron Man moving from studio to studio, despite whatever success they were experiencing with other things. Furthermore, this would have occurred a little before the X-Men’s departure. This would have thus coincided with the time when they were still giving things the go-ahead after giving Blade the go-ahead, and before Spider-Man and the X-Men kind of established a new wave. Thus, it’s evident that before Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Iron Man, there were conversations regarding Tom Cruise filling the role for a while. And things most definitely would have been different if Marvel had cast him as Iron Man when they acquired the rights, in addition to Fox producing an Iron Man movie. Just about how much more running Tony would have to do in order to confront Iron Monger if he didn’t have a suit. Really, my God.

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