A classic X-Men villain is transforming Ms. Marvel into a mutant rock star.

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Kamala Khan is embarking on a whole new sort of comic book career. This time, she aims to become Marvel’s next interplanetary rock sensation. While the rest of the world is still suffering from Orchis’ continuous efforts to enslave mutantkind, Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace sees the title character catching up on the circumstances surrounding the return of none other than Lila Cheney. According to the mutant music diva, she had no idea how horrible things had gotten on Earth during her time performing among the stars. Unfortunately, there is no time to join a fight when Lila still has an army of faithful followers to liberate from Mojo’s clutches, and Kamala Khan is the ideal person to support her on stage and on the battlefield.

Lila Cheney, first debuted in 1984’s New Mutants Annual, is one of Marvel Universe’s most powerful and adept teleporters. Though Lila’s abilities allow her to cross whole universes in seconds, she is unable to use them for short excursions owing to her speed. Lila has worked with teams like the X-Terminators and X-Force throughout the years, but her interplanetary music career has taken up far more of her time than superheroics. Ms. Marvel has been a fan favorite Marvel heroine since her introduction in “Garden State of Mind”. Kamala’s shapeshifting talents manifested after she was trapped in the Terrigen Mists that were unleashed over New Jersey, enabling her latent Inhuman abilities to surface with those of countless others. Ms. Marvel’s identity as a mutant-inhuman hybrid was not revealed until after her death at the hands of the malevolent Benjamin Rabin, also known as the Emissary. After her death, the mutants of Krakoa decided to revive Kamala as one of their own. While this provided Ms. Marvel a new lease on life, it also made her a prominent target for anti-mutant attitudes, as well as Orchis and other potential oppressors of mutantkind.

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