A glimpse of the upcoming Echo suggests a confrontation between Kingpin and Maya Lopez.

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A heated confrontation between Kingpin and Maya Lopez is featured in the upcoming Phase Five series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, called Echo. Marvel unveiled a new trailer for Echo on X, the first MCU project to be published in 2024, on December 26. The brief footage features some of the series’ most suspenseful action scenes, with Kingpin’s voice audible in the background. The criminal leader tells Maya, “You and I—We’re the same.” Who is the monster, then? At the conclusion of Hawkeye, Kingpin shows off a patch over his left eye, most likely from Maya’s attack.

Echo, which stars Alaqua Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio as Maya and Kingpin, respectively, is centered on Maya’s journey to atone for her previous transgressions as a member of Kingpin’s criminal organization, the Tracksuit Mafia, and her return to Oklahoma to reestablish her Native American origins. Still, Fisk and his Mafia are after Maya, and he and the title character have to grudgingly team together to take down a shared foe. Marvel branded Maya a “villain” in the next miniseries, discarding her powers from the original source material, even though she is the primary character. With shows like Daredevil: Born Again and upcoming movies like Deadpool 3, the MCU is continuing its trend towards a darker direction. Echo will be the first adult-rated program in this world. The live-action adaptation of Daredevil’s comic book connection with the title character will continue when Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock makes a cameo in Echo, laying the groundwork for Maya’s debut in Born Again.

Moreover, Echo is the first show to air under the newly announced Marvel Spotlight label, which deviates from Marvel Studios’ big-budget approach in favor of more “grounded, character-driven” storytelling. Under Sydney Freeland’s direction, Echo will progressively “lean into” violence over the course of its five episodes and provide more justification for Maya’s role as the antagonist in the story as she battles her nuanced emotional condition. After viewing the first two episodes of the MCU series, reviewers have given Echo positive early reviews, complimenting its character development and action. Given the conflicting reviews of their most recent Disney series, Secret Invasion, which became a critical failure after its June premiere, Marvel will be hoping that the early enthusiasm stays strong.

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