A long-running mystery is finally solved by a WandaVision deleted scene

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After a deleted clip from WandaVision appeared online and revealed the name of Agent Woo’s enigmatic critical witness during the series finale, a two-year mystery has finally been solved. WandaVision created a lot of intrigue right from the start. The show opened as a television sitcom reminiscent of the 1950s, but it quickly jumped across many decades and pieced together hints about what was actually happening until the major surprise approximately halfway through. Even said, the conclusion of the drama left many viewers with unanswered concerns, such as who the enigmatic eyewitness is that Agent Jimmy Woo is searching for in the most recent episode. Luckily, a deleted clip from IGN now clears up the long-standing question and reveals who Woo is alluding to in the episode, satisfying fans of the Marvel Studios Disney+ series. Woo’s comment about looking for an eyewitness to document everything that transpired opens the scenario. Ralph Boehner, played by Evan Peters, then cuts off an ankle bracelet with pliers, throws them aside and steals away behind him.

In an earlier episode of the programme, Boehner played Quicksilver, the alias of Wanda Maximoff’s late brother Pietro, who passed away in Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, it was eventually discovered that Boehner had been lying about his identity. Naturally, this is already clear from the fact that Quicksilver in the MCU is represented by a completely different actor, even if Peters played the role in Fox’s X-Men universe. For fans, this makes Quicksilver’s entrance both thrilling and bewildering. Later in the episode, it is revealed that the real Pietro was a civilian called Ralph Boehner, who took on the name in an attempt to trick Wanda. This revelation came as a huge surprise to fans, many of whom had been hoping for an X-Men crossover. With the deleted scene confirming his involvement in the scheme to overthrow Wanda and free the town from her control, viewers now have additional information regarding Ralph’s place in the larger story. For the time being at least, WandaVision fans may find some closure, even though it’s unknown what, if any, involvement Peters and Ralph Boehner may have in future MCU ventures. It’s simply a matter of time until the show’s conclusion to find out what becomes of the white Vision, who takes off after facing the original.

Source : IGN

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