A Marvel fan’s viral argument that the MCU was ruined by the blip

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One widely shared piece on the internet that has now gone viral claims that the Blip wasn’t fantastic for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the long run. An explanation of why the Blip has proven to be detrimental to the MCU films that come after Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame was posted by Reddit user Mavrickindigo. While the sequence was a “interesting development for setting up the conclusion of the Infinity Saga,” the Marvel fan also acknowledges that it is a “stain in the storytelling of the MCU.” According to the argument, new Marvel tales feel “incomplete” if they don’t specifically discuss how the Blip influenced different plots and characters because the world-changing event was so significant. After viewing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which raised numerous issues in light of Thanos’ infamous finger-snap, the Redditor realised that more than ever.

The Blip was terrible for long-term storytelling.
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“Did the High Evolutionary make a mistake? Did his experiments suffer as a result? Did the Blip have an impact on the populations he made? the post makes a claim. “I had the similar thought when seeing Moon Knight. I was curious as to whether Marc had been moonknighting over the five years that had passed. Even though an entire generation throughout the entire universe must cope with the consequences, none of these films really addresses it, and I believe the further we go from Infinity War, the less it will be addressed.” The statement went on, “It doesn’t help that they kind of fell flat on their face (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) when they tried to address it as a major plot point.” Fans who have been following for years would undoubtedly consider it a big elephant in the room, but I worry that it will be handled poorly from now on until it’s retconned or something.”

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