A star of X-Men ’97 tried out for an original live-action film.

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A number of X-Men characters have been brought to life in animated series by voice actor Chris Potter. He had the opportunity to play a significant role in a live-action film as well, but he tried out for a lead part. Potter provided the voice of Gambit in X-Men: The Animated Series. He came back for the Disney+ spinoff X-Men ’97, but he’s now lending his voice to Cable. At Calgary Expo 2024, Potter discussed his participation with the X-Men, according to Agents of Fandom. He disclosed that he tried out for the live-action X-Men movie’s Cable part, which went to James Marsden in the end. Having said that, Potter acknowledged that the fact that the character wasn’t in the live-action version of Gambit made him sad that he missed the opportunity to try out for the role.

Potter is cited as stating, “I auditioned for Cyclops in the 2000s for Bryan Singer’s X-Men film, and the entire time I was thinking, ‘I want to be Gambit, I don’t want to do this!'” “Why is he not in the film?” For X-Men ’97, A.J. LoCascio is now the voice of Gambit. Potter is one of the original X-Men: The Animated Series cast members making a comeback in various capacities. A couple of the actors from the first season are returning to portray the same parts: Cal Dodd (Wolverine), George Buza (Beast), and Lenore Zann (Rogue). Potter has mentioned that even though he is voicing Cable this time, the Gambit character’s plot may still heavily feature him. At Calgary Expo 2024, Potter stated, “They told me I’d be playing a new character.” “What do you mean?” I asked. My name is Gambit. “Not anymore, we’re killing him off in episode three,” they said. You are now going to be Cable. It appears that only Cable has the ability to bring Gambit back.

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