A wild, body-swapping fight scene starring Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel is seen in the Marvels clip.

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The characters Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani) are shown in a crazy scene from The Marvels. The video opens with Carol in Kamala’s house watching her brother Aamir and parents Yusuf and Muneeba battle Kree soldiers as Carol watches her fist after a momentary energy burst from it. When one of the attackers sees her grabbing his weapon, he yells, “Annihilator!” “I don’t like that name,” Carol says angrily before hurling the fighter against a wall. Later on, Carol and Kamala unexpectedly trade places when Carol throws the other assailant over the ceiling. Sadly, this is short-lived as Kamala ends up somewhere else before teleporting to Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who is also battling Kree troops and inquires as to if they are “friends of hers?” After giving Fury one of the warriors’ guns, Kamala fights the other warriors; the video ends with Kamala taking down a warrior.

Actor Iman Vellani discussed Kamala Khan’s part in The Marvels in 2022, saying at the time that she had certain ideas about what collaboration should look like because of the comic books and all the stories she hears about the Avengers. Since it’s not precisely how she had imagined it would be, I believe Kamala serves as the group’s glue, keeping these men together.” In keeping with this, Kevin Feige, President and CCO of Marvel Studios, “revealed” that Kamala would steal the movie. The sisters dynamic between Carol, Kamala, and Monica Rambeau/Photon was also covered by filmmaker Nia DaCosta, who said that she found it interesting to project an estranged family background and sister tale onto Carol and Monica. DaCosta said, “The oldest is Carol, the prodigal; the middle sister is Monica, whom Carol knew as a child and who she later promised she would return to, but never did.” “While all of the swapping is exciting, I’m more interested in how these two work things out. As the youngest, Kamala hasn’t had the opportunity to live with her elder sister, but she still looks up to her,” she said in closing. At the start of the movie, Carol is a little jaded, but Kamala helps her remember how wonderful she is. Regarding Nick Fury, Secret Invasion director Ali Selim emphasised that because of the character’s transformation in the Disney+ and Marvel Studios limited series, viewers will see a new Nick Fury in The Marvels.

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