Actor from Oppenheimer explains his desire to play the thing in the Fantastic Four reboot

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The primary superhero cast for The Fantastic Four has been unveiled, but David Krumholtz gave away why he wanted to portray The Thing. Actor David Krumholtz discussed his passion for comic books, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and his desire to portray The Thing in an interview with Oppenheimer. The actor desired to play one of the four superheroes in the Fantastic Four remake, which is one of the most eagerly awaited MCU projects. Krumholtz was not cast in The Fantastic Four when Marvel revealed the cast last month on Valentine’s Day. Rather, it was given to Ebon Moss-Bachrach of The Bear. Comic book lover David Krumholtz, who portrayed Isidor Rabi in the Academy Award-winning film Oppenheimer, shared this sentiment. Marvel comics were my lifeline as a child and helped to save me. I believe that many young people look up to superheroes and wish they had their abilities so they could help others,” said Krumholtz. Superhero fatigue has been a hot topic of discussion lately, but the real issue is that movie producers are prioritising quantity above quality.

“I’m an empath, so that felt good to me,” he continued. I cherished every element of it. My fantasy came true when the MCU was released because I was so happy to see the real outfits and what they could accomplish, correctly and genuinely. It’s difficult to read those comics without picturing them as films, and that’s exactly what they did. They performed really well. For me, it was quite emotional.” “I still very much want to be part of the MCU at some point,” the Numb3rs star went on. I don’t feel guilty about… Saying something at this moment is not cool. It doesn’t concern me. It’s the best thing, in my opinion,” the actor said. “To some sense, The Thing just seemed right. I believe Ebon Moss-Bachrach will do a fantastic job on that.” Krumholtz gave an explanation of his thinking and his strong desire to star in a superhero movie. Since I’ve never done it before, I was particularly interested in trying the motion-capture and speech things, which made up a large portion of it. I’ve always admired that character, just to be on the squad, but you never know. I may or may not wind up portraying Ghost Rider’s orthodontist, depending on what happens.”

Numerous rumours surfaced about the impending revival, and it turns out that the majority of them were true. Even though the casting was revealed by a number of sources months before Marvel officially confirmed it, the excitement didn’t diminish. Based on a few obscure features from the artwork, it is speculated that the next superhero movie takes place in the 1960s. The latest Fantastic Four picture, directed by Matt Shakman, has a number of well-known actors. The Last of Us’ Pedro Pascal (playing Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic), Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, and Joseph Quinn (Stranger Things) as Johnny Storm/Human Torch will join Moss-Bachrach in the role of The Thing. The premise is unknown, however Marvel Studios President and CCO Kevin Feige said in 2022 that the planned remake will not recount the origin tale of “Marvel’s First Family.”

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