Actor of Wolverine and Deadpool claims that its “Fresh” story is just what the MCU needs

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In Deadpool & Wolverine, Karan Soni will reprise his role as Dopinder, the cab driver, opposite Ryan Reynolds. The actor, who is thrilled to play the same part again, claims that the movie’s “fresh story” is just what the MCU needs. “It’s a long time coming, but it was one of those things where because it was such a long time it’s gotten really good,” Soni said in a recent interview. “The screenplay was excellent. It was at an excellent location. A draft of the screenplay existed prior to Hugh Jackman’s acceptance. They waited because he said yes, so I believe everything is coming together at the perfect moment for the MCU, which is in dire need of something new. I also wouldn’t wager against Ryan. Jackman was a major contributor to Deadpool and Wolverine’s success. The actor recently disclosed that, just before the film was shelved, he was the one who pitched Reynolds the concept of a collaborative production. I was carefree as I sat on the beach when, out of nowhere, the question, ‘What do you want to do?’ entered my mind. Then, I thought, Deadpool-Wolverine, literally. Jackman clarified, “I want to do that movie. That’s what I want.”

Previous to his comeback, director Shawn Levy discussed how Jackman’s presence improved the film’s trajectory. “We had been workshopping a lot of ideas about possible stories for a third Deadpool movie,” revealed the director. None of those plot ideas foresaw such a drastic change; instead, they were more sequelesque to the original two Deadpool films. It is reasonable to say that from that day on, the plot evolved drastically and really came to us pretty rapidly.” Speaking to the media about the new superhero film, Jackman discussed what it was like to play Wolverine again after nearly ten years had passed. The actor thought it was nice to show a different aspect of the mutation. “I instinctively knew that Deadpool was going to allow us to get to a different side of the character than I’ve ever played before, in every way, from emotion, humor, dialogue, and action.” He stated. “It all seemed brand-new to me. I couldn’t have laughed myself to tears every single day. Playing the role was really rejuvenating for me.

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