After Endgame, Secret Invasion unveils that Nick Fury gathered the Avengers’ DNA

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In the newest episode of Secret Invasion, former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury revealed what was taken from the Avengers during the Battle of Earth in Avengers: Endgame. The word “The Harvest” is constantly addressed in “Harvest,” the fifth episode of the Disney+ limited series, with Gravik’s second-in-command, Pagon, hinting to it having the DNA of numerous Avengers. Near the end of the episode, Fury discloses to MI6 ally Sonya Falsworth how he obtained “The Harvest.” Almost every Avenger, including Captain Marvel, shed blood during the Battle of Earth, he reveals. Following that, Fury and a group of collectors, including some disguised Skrulls, sifted through the debris to harvest Avengers’ DNA, which is held in a vial known as “The Harvest.”

If Gravik, the dissident Skrull commander played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, obtains “The Harvest,” he will be able to utilise the DNA to produce Super Skrulls with abilities comparable to those of Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, and other super-powered Avengers. Gravik has so far only been able to manufacture Super Skrulls from the DNA of Cull Obsidian, a Frost Giant, Groot, and an Extremis patient. Gravik, who became a Super Skrull earlier in the series, has already used his newfound abilities. G’iah is the only other known Super Skrull, having become one at the end of Episode 3 to secure her escape from Gravik’s base. With one episode remaining, Secret Invasion Episode 5 suggested a final showdown between Nick Fury and Gravik. While some fans are eager to learn how the series will conclude, the stars of the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe programme will not provide any spoilers. Dermot Mulroney, who portrays US President Ritson in Secret Invasion, recently said that he has no idea how the series finishes because he was only provided screenplay pages for moments in which his character appears. “I know what the elements will be, so I guess you could safely say you can expect one of those sequences where each of the storylines culminates and they cut back and forth, Godfather-style.” “It’s all coming to a head,” he teased. “But, once again, I didn’t get to see all of the pages!”

Secret Invasion follows Nick Fury as he hears of a hidden invasion of Earth by a band of shapeshifting Skrulls, based on the blockbuster 2008 Marvel Comics tale of the same name. Secret Invasion also includes Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, Charlayne Woodard, and Katie Finneran, in addition to the aforementioned personalities.

Secret Invasion’s first five episodes are available on Disney+. The series finale will be released on July 26.

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