Al Ewing re-enters the Marvel Universe with “Immortal Thor”: A new series set to push boundaries

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With a new Marvel book, writer Al Ewing, best known for his Eisner Award-nominated series The Immortal Hulk, is making a comeback. Ewing stated that Immortal Thor will be published by Marvel Comics in August in an interview with Polygon. Ewing described it as the “New Testament” alternative to Immortal Hulk as he accepted the task, he set for himself to improve on his earlier work and produce a narrative that connects with readers. He already has an impressive number of issues planned, and fans can’t wait for another outstanding series. Artist Martn Cóccolo will work with colorist Matt Wilson to create the interior art, and Alex Ross will return to create the covers.

Fans are still thinking about Immortal Hulk’s popularity, which included fifty issues published over three years. Immortal Thor is Ewing’s attempt to duplicate that success, and he promises a similarly compelling story. Marvel fans can look forward to a series that pushes the limits of storytelling in the comics industry because to Ewing’s perseverance, a great creative team, and the return of Alex Ross for the covers.

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