Analyzing Deadpool 3: from comics to cinematic speculation

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A Marvel aficionado’s keen observation has sparked a wave of speculation among fans with the release of the new “Deadpool 3” trailer. The trailer, which teases the return of Ryan Reynolds as the irreverent mercenary Deadpool, includes a brief but significant scene that seems to echo a moment from a Wolverine comic book. The fan’s detailed comparison on Reddit showcases a frame from the trailer featuring a colossal skull, ostensibly belonging to Ant-Man, surrounded by various Marvel characters. This visual reference closely mirrors an image from “Wolverine (Vol. 3) #71,” which depicts the gargantuan remains of Henry Pym, another iteration of Ant-Man, in a desolate expanse named Pym Falls. The connection between the trailer and the comic has fueled fan theories about the potential direction of the movie’s storyline, suggesting that “Deadpool 3” may involve a post-apocalyptic scenario or at least draw upon this iconic imagery from the comics.

The conjecture doesn’t stop at visual cues; fans have begun piecing together a possible plotline for “Deadpool 3” based on the trailers and their knowledge of the Marvel Universe. The emerging theory is that the film’s narrative centers around an interdimensional intruder in Deadpool’s world, prompting the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to intervene to prevent a multiverse crisis. The speculated plot has Deadpool striking a deal with the TVA to eliminate the threat in exchange for sparing his universe. This leads him to encounter a variant of Wolverine, who initially declines to assist, resulting in a confrontation in the Void, a space beyond reality. Here, the unlikely duo must outwit Alioth and encounter other survivors from different cinematic universes. This speculated storyline aligns with known Marvel multiverse mechanics and resonates with fans who recall similar themes from the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” movie.

As the anticipation for “Deadpool 3,” officially known as “Deadpool & Wolverine,” reaches new heights, fans are piecing together the fragments released so far. While the exact plot remains under wraps, the cast list teases the inclusion of characters like Cassandra Nova, portrayed by Emma Corrin, and Matthew Macfadyen’s Paradox, hinting at the potential adversaries Deadpool and Wolverine may face. These tidbits, combined with the vibrant discussions among the fan community, suggest that the movie will be a thrilling ride through the Marvel multiverse. With its slated release dates of July 26 in the US and July 25 in the UK, audiences won’t have to wait long to see how these theories and speculations play out on the big screen.

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