Anthony Mackie of Captain America 4 on the dissimilarities between Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers

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Anthony Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson in Captain America: Brave New World, has detailed a significant distinction between his Steve Rogers and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers. In an interview, Mackie outlined the differences between the Captain Americas of the past and present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Sam’s ability to connect and counsel is more important,” he added. He isn’t as hasty with his use of force as Steve Rogers was. Your super serum makes you difficult to defeat, therefore your only option is to engage in physical combat. Sam Wilson, though, is actually rather susceptible to death. In the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which debuted in 2021, Wilson assumed the role of the current Captain America in the MCU.

Sam Wilson’s absence of abilities sets him apart from his predecessor, as Mackie has already said in earlier statements. The newly minted Captain America, in Mackie’s opinion, is less of a “Cap of judgement” than Rogers was because of his humanity, which is his actual power. “I think with [Sam], he has to come to the stage with a very different understanding of what it is to be a good guy or a bad guy and what are the decisions that make you toe that line in the way that you did,” said Mackie. The Captain America: Brave New World sequel will unveil Steve Rogers’ replacement, but the MCU veteran is still mum on the sequel’s real storyline details. When asked if Sebastian Stan will reprise his role as Sam’s companion in crime-fighting Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier in Brave New World, Mackie said that a third superhero would be introduced to fill Rogers’ place. This is most likely a reference to Joaquin Torres, played by Danny Ramirez, who is now firmly established as Wilson’s replacement for the role of Falcon.

However, Mackie’s readiness to write the first Captain America off doesn’t include proclaiming him dead. In contrast, after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Mackie asserted in a recent interview that Rogers is still alive. “I didn’t see him die!” he said. “I don’t know, I last saw Chris [Evans] two weeks ago, and he looked pretty good.” Mackie continued by saying that, in light of Rogers’ elderly age in Endgame, viewers shouldn’t automatically assume that he would pass very soon. He mockingly referred to this reasoning as “age discrimination.”

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